Hong Kong’s Recommended T Shirt Printing Service

One of the important aspect in our life is fashion. Fashion changes and develops very rapidly each year. There are a lot of apparels that represent fashion. One of the most famous one is t-shirt. T-shirt offers affordability and simplicity in its design, make it popular among people from various backgrounds, such as financial conditions, ages, and social status. Many large manufacturers or fashion brands understand this popularity and thus, are competing to make unique t-shirt designs while fulfilling the demands from the market. However, a lot of smaller home business or even individual can now create their own custom t-shirt thanks to the rapid technological development. By having your own custom tee, you can show your style and personality and even do some branding of your business, if any. For those who are Hong Kong residents and looking for a good printing business that provides services for clothes and t-shirt near Tsuen Wan, visiting can be a good solution. is a printing business that provides many services for t shirt printing, including polo shirt, full print t-shirt, raglan t-shirt, gildan t-shirt, and many other printing. This company also uses various printing technology to support their services. The first printing method is called Rubber White method. This technique is designed to create more solid and brighter color. The color will not be absorbed into the clothes. Ironing the outcomes should be avoided as it may damage the printed design. Next is NeoPigment White method. This technique uses white ink for the base color, and then print other color on the top of it. The outcomes do not depend on the types and quality of the fabric and it has a thick sensation when you touch the printed design. Another method is NeoPigment Non-white. This techniques uses white color and the outcomes will be absorbed into the clothes. The quality of the shirt determine the quality of the results. Even so, it can be ironed without damaging the design.

Ordering process in this company is quite simple. You just need to drop by on their website and click the order menu. You can find a simulator to design your tee or simply upload the design you have created beforehand. Make sure to upload the file in JPG or PNG format. Once you are done you will get the detailed order information. Pay accordingly and wait for them to print t-shirt and send it to your house!