Lombok Waterfalls, the Water Net from Heaven

When people visit Lombok Island, what they expect is to get more peaceful atmosphere than the famous Bali Island. Lombok offers wonderful vista in every time you get there; with the colorful vivid sunsets, clear waters, soft white beach sand, and great oceanic activities like snorkeling and diving. Those are just a little activity that comes to your mind when you are thinking about Lombok. This wonderful island has a lot of other secrets that are still undiscovered and wait for you to explore it more. Many people who visit Lombok do not realize that this island hides some magnificent waterfalls inside. Exploring the Lombok waterfalls is the best thing to do when coming to this place. You should not only do the mainstream activities in Lombok, it is more than a must to explore some wonderful waterfalls there.

These are two examples of Lombok waterfalls sites you can explore. Take a time to breath, and imagine you are there.

  • MayungPutek Waterfall. This waterfall is the unique one from all of the waterfalls in Lombok. The reason is because the water contains sulfur which is believed by local people has the ability to heal since it comes from Mt. Rinjani directly. The waterfall’s height is 60m and located in Sembalun district, Western Lombok. The name of ‘MayungPutek’ has come from the local legend. In a long time ago, there was white stag that often drank or bathed there. Then, the local people named it as MayungPutek which has the translation of ‘White Stag’. To get to this waterfall, you have to trek for about 30 minutes to go down, passing the hill and across the river. Though the journey to go there may sound simple, but to go back is more difficult. Nevertheless, it will be very worth it since you can feel the fresh atmosphere around it and feel fresh sulfur bath that can heal your pains and aches.
  • Tiu Teja Waterfall. While MayungPutek needs a little bit hard trekking to reach it, then the journey to reach Tiu Teja is much way simpler than it. Tiu Teja is located in Northern Lombok. This waterfall fits your energy if you want to have a simple journey to get to this waterfall without being tired too much. Unlike the other waterfalls in Lombok, Tiu Teja only needs 15 minutes to reach the waterfall from its entrance. The name Teja comes from Sasak language which means as rainbow. Like the name, if you are lucky, you can see a perk of rainbow in it.

Exploring Lombok waterfalls is one of the best ways to also explore the jungle. When you want to get there, sometimes you have to trek the forest first. It is good for you to know more about the nature while trekking in the jungle. However, it is best for you to be led by experienced guide so you will not get lost. The sensation of getting a journey is so fantastic, even you have to get exhausting trip before catching the waterfalls, but it is really worth. The time you visit Lombokis the time for discovering many awesome places.

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